Cold-pressed oil made by hand

Olive oil is produced in the traditional way at Hacienda el Lince: the olives are harvested by hand and immediately taken to an olive mill, where the most beneficial oil is produced during the first round of cold pressing. In order to maintain the quality of the olive oil, it is placed in dark glass bottles with airtight caps that prevent the oxidation of the oil. The oil comes in 500 ml bottles. 

In Tallinn, the oil we produced is on sale at the BESTWINE store on Kentmanni Street, at NOP café and shop in Kadriorg, at gift shop KALAMAJA KAKTUS, at STOCKMANN food department and at TALLINNA KAUBAMAJA food department.

An oil full of freshness

You get a sense of fresh grasslands, artichoke and eucalyptus in the oil made at Hacienda el Lince. The flavour is on the stronger side, slightly bitter and with a sharp, peppery aftertaste. Polyphenols, such as the strong antioxidant oleocanthal and the natural antiseptic oleuropein, give the olive oil its pungency. 

The taste of Hacienda el Lince’s oil reflects its uniqueness – the slightly bitter, sharper flavour is a sign of the oil’s unique freshness and indicates that the olives were turned into oil at exactly the right time, just before they were fully ripe.

Store in a cool, dark place.