In the midst of untamed nature

Hacienda el Lince (the ‘Estate of the Lynx’) covers around 80 ha in the Montes de Málaga mountains in Southern Spain, which are 700-900 m above sea level.

El Lince offers stunning views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, including the picturesque village of Comares and the Tejeda mountains. The majority of the hacienda’s land is covered in olive groves and almond terraces, but grapes and other fruit (avocadoes, lemons, oranges, mandarins, figs, pomegranates, plums and more) have been grown here through the ages.

The mountainous area of the hacienda has plenty of woods consisting mainly of cork oaks, eucalyptus trees, pines, carobs, chestnuts, cypresses and strawberry trees (madroños). Wild boar (jabali), foxes, squirrels, wild cats, genets and other animals are everyday visitors to el Lince.

A long and colourful history

Hacienda el Lince has a long history: the earliest records of its owners and their activities date back to the 17th century. The estate’s owners have always had one characteristic in common: they have all grown attached to the place and settled here for many years. All of the owners have added to the buildings and land of the estate and treated them with respect. Life and farming at Hacienda el Lince have always taken the natural balance into account.

One of the best known owners of the hacienda was the Spaniard Baldomero Ghiara (1849-1924), who was both a successful businessman and a strong farmer. Ghiara developed a new technology for making wine on his lands and his handbook for doing so remains in use to this day. Ghiara’s wife was the aunt of world-famous Málaga artist Pablo Picasso. As a successful businessman, Ghiara supported Picasso’s studies and early exhibitions. It is a delight to know that Picasso once walked the pathways of Hacienda el Lince!

Ghiara showing off his land in a photo taken in 1905. 

A view of the hacienda’s main house in 1905.

New winds from the North

Since 2019, Hacienda el Lince has been developed by an Estonian family who treat the estate’s many years of experience with respect and continue to pursue its traditions of organic management. An application to declare the hacienda’s lands as organically pure was submitted in 2019. Based on test results, the application was approved and Hacienda el Lince is fully certified organic farm from 2022.

Hacienda el Lince is a unique place. Preserving and furthering its legacy presents a great challenge. The estate offers everyone the joy of discovery: nature lovers, those interested in history, bons vivants and simple holidaymakers. The current owners have the great honour of restoring the glory and splendour of the hacienda and hope to be able to open up this legendary place to visitors very soon.