A picturesque recreational area

Montes de Málaga is a mountainous area just 5 km north of the city from which it takes its name. This region, most of which forms part of a national park, is considered the lungs of Málaga thanks to its awe-inspiring flora. The slopes of the Montes de Málaga mountains are largely covered by pine trees, the Aleppo pine being the most widespread. In addition, there are many cork oaks, eucalyptus trees and madroños (strawberry trees) as well as plenty of other plants.

Montes de Málaga is very popular among the inhabitants of the city and its surrounding area: they very much enjoy spending time here. The national park has countless hiking trails of different levels of difficulty. There are many roadside restaurants (Venta) for visitors, offering authentic dishes from the region, one of the most renowned being conejo al ajilloor rabbit in garlic sauce.

Montes de Málaga offers the joy of discovery to hikers as well as those travelling by car or motorbike. The serpentine road offers magnificent views of valleys and mountain slopes covered in lush forests or olive and almond groves.